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Sports Quiz Questions & Answers

Below are all our sports questions and answers for free!

The Sports round in a quiz contains a vast mix of various sports, games and leisure questions. From popular sports such as football, cricket, tennis, rugby and athletics to the more obscure such as lacrosse, snooker and darts, the range of questions make this round challenging. Questions include trivia about individuals, teams and the sports themselves.

Sports Questions and Answers
How many questions can you answer?
How many Grand Slam tennis singles titles did Steffi Graf win - 15, 19 or 22?
As at the end of 2016, which country had won the most Olympic Diving medals?
How many Champions League finals have Liverpool appeared in up to the end of 2019?
Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 2015?
How long is a ten-pin bowling lane, 50, 60 or 70 feet?
How many players compete in a Rugby Union scrum?
Who has managed both the Australian and English national football teams?
Terry Venables
In athletics, what is the final runner in a relay race known as?
In which year was Alistair Cook’s last Ashes winning captaincy?
What nationality is the darts player Michael van Gerwen?
In which year did Andy Murray first win the Wimbledon singles title?
In 2019 which football team were caught spying at their opponents training session?
Leeds United
Which English Premiership rugby team did Owen Farrell join in 2008?
In a game of Indoor Volleyball, how many players are on court per team?
Which Formula One driver joined Ferrari from Red Bull in 2014?
Sebastian Vettel
Who was manager of Huddersfield Town when they first gained promotion to the Premier League?
David Wagner
Who from Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell or Sebastian Vettel has won the most F1 World Championships?
Sebastian Vettel
Which former tennis player is the main court named after at Melbourne Park?
Rod Laver
Over which distance did Mo Farah win his first gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics?
How long is a cricket pitch - 18, 20 or 22 yards?
22 yards
Which female tennis player won the 2019 Australian Open singles title?
Naomi Osaka
Up to January 2019, which football team had won the most FA Cups?
Who became the West Indies cricket Test captain in 2015?
Jason Holder
How many Olympic gold medals has Sir Steve Redgrave won?
Which city will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, having previously hosted the summer games?
Which England Rugby Union player was substituted after 2 minutes in the 2019 World Cup Final?
Kyle Sinckler
Which English goalkeeper has had the kept the most clean sheets in the Premier League?
Joe Hart
How many players are on court per team in a netball match?
Which English cricketer has scored the most test runs of all time?
Alistair Cook
How long in meters is the swim part of an Olympic Triathlon - 500, 1,000 or 1,500?
Which city is the home of the Scottish football team Hibernian?
How many dominos are there in a standard double 6 set?
Which team won the 2020 Superbowl?
Kansas City Chiefs
How many points is a ‘cannon’ worth in Billiards?
Which chess piece can move any number of squares diagonally?
Which team won the 2018 FA Cup?
In which year was F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton born - 1982, 1985 or 1988?
Which former England cricket captain played football for Scunthorpe United?
Ian Botham
Which country won the 2019 Davis Cup - Spain, France or Serbia?
In Ski Jumping, what was the world record distance jumped in 2017 - 153.5m, 203.5m or 253.5m?
On which racecourse is the St Leger annually run?
For which country does the cricketer Chris Gayle play for?
West Indies
Which football club play at Turf Moor?
Which NBA basketball team did Michael Jordan play most of his career for?
Chicago Bulls
Which Premier League football team were given a two-window transfer ban in February 2019?
Which heavyweight boxer defeated Anthony Joshua on the 1st June 2019?
Andy Ruiz Jr
Which footballer refused to be substituted during the 2019 League Cup final?
Kepa Arrizabalaga
Who was the head coach of the Welsh rugby union team during the 2019 Rugby World Cup?
Warren Gatland
For which country does the athlete Caster Semenya race for?
South Africa
How many counters are on the board at the start of a game of Backgammon?
What achievement scored a point in Formula One from the 2019 season?
Fastest Lap in race
Which team won the Women’s 6 Nations Championship in 2018?
In which city would you find the racing circuit ‘Albert Park’?
In which year was the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race first held? 1829, 1857 or 1878?
Sammy Sosa is a legend in which American sport?
In which country would you find the football club ‘Grampus Eight’?
As of 2019, which Formula One constructor has one the most world championships?
Who achieved the Triple Jump world record in 1995?
Jonathan Edwards
In which year did Roger Federer first become world number one - 2002, 2004 or 2006?
On which race course is the Gold Cup run in March each year?
What name is given to a score of ‘111’ in cricket?
Which team did England play in the semi finals of the UEFA Nations League in June 2019?
Holland (Netherlands)
Who was the world number one in mens singles tennis for the majority of 2019?
Novak Djokovic
What is the maximum number of golf clubs that a player is allowed to have in their bag?
What does UFC stand for in mixed martial arts fighting?
Ultimate Fighting Championship
In his playing career, which club did Mark Hughes join when he left Chelsea?
Which F1 driver finished 2nd in the 2019 Formula One Championship?
Valtteri Bottas
In which year were women first allowed to compete in the Olympic Games - 1900, 1912 or 1924?
Which tennis Grand Slam did Jimmy Connors never win?
How many shots does each player get at the target per end in Curling?
Who was the first British golfer to win the US Masters?
Sandy Lyle
The Strathcona Cup is competed for in which sport?
Which footballer has scored the most premier league goals having only played for one premier league club?
Sergio Aguero
Which Formula One location held its first race in 2004 - Japan, Abu Dhabi or China?
Which colour is the spot of a fast squash ball?
What colour jacket does the winner of golf’s Masters tournament receive?
Which horse won both the 2018 and 2019 Aintree Grand National?
Tiger Roll
Which footballer scored the first Premier League goal at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium?
Son Heung-min
What is the first event of an Olympic decathlon - Long Jump, Pole Vault or 100 Meters?
100 Meters
Which NBA team won the 2019 Championship?
Toronta Raptors
Which football manager was sacked as the head coach of the Scotland national team in 2019?
Alex McLeish
How far is it between the two set of stumps on a cricket pitch - 18, 20 or 22 yards?
22 Yards
Where is ‘The home of Golf’?
St Andrews
Who is claimed to have invented Rugby when he picked up the ball in a football game?
William Webb Ellis
How many points are awarded for potting the green ball in Snooker?
Which Olympic sport needs a planting box and a piece of equipment up to 5.3 meters long?
Pole Vaulting
In which year did Manchester United win the treble - 1995, 1997 or 1999?
For which club did Shane Long score the fastest Premier League goal in April 2019?
In cricket, how many inches wide should a wicket be - 5, 9 or 13?
How many Formula One championships did Damon Hill win?
Who won the most Men’s Singles Grand Slam tennis titles - Andre Agassi or John McEnroe?
Andre Agassi
How many track races are included in a decathlon?
Which football manager did Jurgen Klopp replace at Liverpool in 2015?
Brendan Rodgers
Which cricketer captained England to World Cup glory in 2019?
Owen Morgan
Which sport follows FINA rules?
Who captained the England football team in the famous 5-1 win over Germany in 2001?
David Beckham
Which famous venue hosted the Olympic Archery event in the London 2012 games?
Lords Cricket Ground
Which city hosted the 2019 Champions League final?
In which city is the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix held?
How high in feet is a standard tennis net at the center - 3ft, 3ft6 or 4ft?
How many times did Manchester City win the Premier League title between 2010 to 2020 - 3, 4 or 5?
In which year did Boris Becker last win the Wimbledon men’s singles title - 1987, 1989 or 1991?
What nationality was the legendary Formula One driver Juan Manuel Fangio?
Which rugby union team won the 2018/19 Heineken Champions Cup final?
What is the total distance covered by each team in an Olympic Medley Relay swimming race?
In which country was the 2019 Europa League final held?
For which F1 team was Niki Lauda the non-executive chairman?
As at 2020, which university has won the most boat races, Oxford or Cambridge?
In boxing, what do the initials WBC stand for?
World Boxing Council
Who was appointed as the manager of the Premier League team Brighton in 2019?
Graham Potter
In which city did Deontay Wilder first fight Tyson Fury?
Los Angeles
When was the first Wimbledon Tennis Championship – 1877, 1897 or 1917?
How many players are on each team in a game of Field Lacrosse?
How many teams took part in the 2019 Cricket World Cup?
In which city does the Canadian F1 Grand Prix take place?
Which female English footballer won FA player of the year for 2019?
Lucy Bronze
How many times did Nick Faldo win The Masters Tournament - 2, 3 or 4?
Taekwondo originates from which country?
Which Australian tennis star won the French Open Women’s singles title in 2019?
Ashleigh Barty
As at 2020, which country has won the most men’s Ashes series?
Which swimming stroke was not introduced into the Olympics until 1956?
In which sport would you go to a basho?
Where was the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations held?
How many players make up a team in Gaelic football?
What is the full name of the Rugby League team Bradford?
Bradford Bulls
Which baseball star moved from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees in 1919?
Babe Ruth
How high in inches is the net on a Table Tennis table?
Who replaced Harry Redknapp as Tottenham Hotspur manager in 2012?
André Villas-Boas
As at 2019, what was the highest one day international cricket score - 481, 462 or 444?
Who is the Number One male golfer in the world at the end of June 2019?
Brooks Koepka
In the 2019 season, how many cars were there in a Formula One Grand Prix race?
What colour is the centre scoring zone on an archery target?
How many Wimbledon Singles Titles had Roger Federer won up to the end of 2019, 6, 7 or 8?
Which English football team are known as ‘The Addicks’?
Charlton Athletic
Who was Andy Murray’s mixed doubles partner at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships?
Serena Williams
Which famous sportsman lit the torch at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games?
Muhammad Ali
In which year was Serena Williams born - 1981, 1983 or 1985?
Who was David Beckham sent off for kicking in the 1998 World Cup game against Argentina?
Diego Simeone
Who won the 2018 Tour de France?
Geraint Thomas
For how many teams did Peter Crouch play for in the Premier League?
What colour is the middle ring in the Olympic logo?
How many runs did England and New Zealand both score in the Super Over of the Cricket World Cup final - 15, 18 or 21?
Which country won the 2019 African Cup of Nations Final?
Who did Novak Djokovic defeat in the 2019 Wimbledon men’s singles final?
Roger Federer
Which Northern Ireland venue hosted the 2019 golf Open Championship?
Royal Portrush
Who was FIFA world player of the year in both 1998 and 2000?
Zinedine Zidane
Which British swimmer broke the 100m breaststroke world record for the first time in 2015?
Adam Peaty
Which English cricketer scored 92 runs despite coming in as the nightwatchman against Ireland in 2019?
Jack Leach
Which Irishman won the 2019 golf Open championship?
Shane Lowry
Oscar Rivas was defeated by which British heavyweight boxer in July 2019?
Dillian Whyte
What is the name of Andy Murray’s tennis-playing brother?
How many Olympic gold medals did Lord Sebastian Coe win as an athlete - 0, 1, or 2?
Which footballer did Arsenal sign for £72m on the 1st August 2019?
Nicolas Pepe
Who became the first Briton to hold a world javelin record?
Fatima Whitbread
Which footballer scored the most Premier League Fantasy Football points in the 2018/19 season?
Mohamed Salah
In which sport would you associate Hayley Turner?
Horse Racing
Pierre Gasly drove for which Formula One team in the 2019 season?
Red Bull
Which country hosted the 2019 Rugby World Cup?
How many Olympic gold medals did Jessica Ennis-Hill win?
From which country is the football team CFR Cluj?
Which famous darts commentator died in August 2012 at the age of 72?
Sid Waddell
In feet, what is the distance between bases in Baseball - 90, 100 or 110?
Who became the head coach of the Welsh Rugby Union team in 2019?
Wayne Pivac
Was Catriona Matthew the Solheim Cup captain for Europe or the USA?
Where is the famous American Football stadium called the ‘Rose Bowl’?
Who beat Muhammad Ali to assume his World Heavyweight title in 1978?
Leon Spinks
Which International cricket team was the first have an official concussion substitute?
Which footballer was the club captain of Aston Villa when they were promoted in 2019?
Jack Grealish
The FedEx Cup is associated with which sport?
The Masters Tournament was conceived by which legendary US golfer?
Bobby Jones
How many points does a cannon score in a game of billiards?
Which footballer did Manchester City pay Liverpool an initial £44m for in 2015?
Raheem Sterling
Where was the 3rd 2019 Ashes test held in 2019?
In which US city is the US Open tennis tournament held?
New York