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Free Quiz Questions and Answers

If you're looking for quiz questions to run a trivia event, then look no further. We have over 1,000 questions and answers spanning the main quiz themes to simple use as you like!

Quiz Question Themes

General Knowledge quiz icon

General Knowledge Questions

Our General Knowldge quiz questions cover many topics that often don't quite fit into the other categories. A number of the questions are on events that have happened in the news which we are all likely to be familiar with, and many other quesitons which need to be thought about and worked out.

Sports quiz icon

Sports Questions

We cover a wide range of sports related questions, including sporting events that have happened, the equipment or rules of a particular sport or the winning teams and indivdual sports men and women.

geography quiz icon

Geography Questions

Do you know your capital cites, which coutries share borders with other, which rivers and mountians are the longest and highest? Our geopgraphy questions test all these areas and much more.

entertainment quiz icon

Entertainment Questions

The entertainment questions and answers include topics such as films, TV series, theatre, music and many more. Our questions include character names, where entertainment events are set, band members and more.

arts-literature-history quiz icon

Arts, Literature & History Questions

With a wide range of question topics, our questions and anwers cover areas such as which artist painted a certain famous painting, which author wrote which book, and which monarch ruled at a specific era.

science-nature quiz icon

Science & Nature Questions

Do you know your periodic table or the names of shapes with multiple sides? Not only do we cover these questions but also topics such as space, food and drink and the animal kingdom.