Charles Dickens Novels

Can you name all the Charles Dickens novels from just two of the main character names?

Esther Summerson, John Jarndyce
Fagin, Bill Sikes
Philip Pirrip, Miss Havisham
Dr Parker Peps, Mrs Blockitt
Seth Pecksniff, Tom Pinch
John Baptist Cavalletto, Rigaud
Thomas Gradgrind, Josiah Bounderby
Clara Peggotty, Betsey Trotwood
Nell Trent, Daniel Quilp
Newman Noggs, Wackford Squeers
Jerry Cruncher, Lucie Manette
Nathaniel Winkle, Augustus Snodgrass
Dolly Varden, Geoffrey Haredale
John Harmon, Bella Wilfer

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