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Welcome to the home of Wordadoo! Try our very own word game challenge with a new word to find each day.

Players need to find the 8 letter word by guessing each letter - but guess 3 wrong letters and it's game over. However, all the 7, 6 and 5 letter words that can be made from the 8 letters to find are populated when each correct letter is guessed, which gives clues to what then 8 letter word could be.

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Featured Quiz - Flags of Europe

Can you name all the countries in Europe by their flag? From Albania to the Vatican City, this tough quiz will help you to learn the flags of Europe.

You have 8 minutes to name each of the 46 european countries from their flag.

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Lyrics Quizzes

Can you name all the lyrics from your favourite song!? Check out our lyrics quizzes - we have over 1,000 different songs to solve!

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Featured Quiz - Premier League Teams

Can you name all the football teams that have played in the Premier League since the competition began in 1992? There are 51 teams to find!

Only 6 teams have been ever-present,7 teams have won the title, and 4 teams have appeared for just one season.

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