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Name the Friends Guest stars from the clue

Amy Green, Rachel's sister
Jill Green, Rachel's sister
A doctor from season one
Chandler's roommate Eddie
Rachel's college kiss
Will, Ross' friend from high school
Joey's WW1 movie co-star
Parker, Phoebe's extremely enthusiastic friend
Sandy, Emma's male nanny
Ross' girlfriend Bonnie
Played Gavin Mitchell
Chandler's dad
Joey's brain transplant co-star
Played director Leonard Hayes
Had a fake british accent
Stripped for Phoebe's bachelorette party
Phoebe's husband Mike
Pete Becker, billionaire
Gave Phoebe Chicken Pox
Chandler's school mate Susie
Paul Stevens, Rachel's older boyfriend
Sat next to Rachel on plane to London
Gave birth to the Bing children
Ursula Buffay's fiance
Rachel's screaming boyfriend
Joey's stalker Erica
Phoebe's stalker
Phoebe's little brother
Joey's roommate Janine
Cassie, Ross and Monica's cousin
David, Phoebe's first real love

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